About Us

As revenue cycle management professionals with 22 years of experience in home health care and hospice, We have extensive knowledge of billing and coding practices, insurance and Medicare regulations, and financial management. We have also developed expertise in the use of electronic medical records (EMRs) to manage patient data and track financial information.

Our roles in revenue cycle management has involved working closely with healthcare providers and insurance companies to ensure timely and accurate billing and reimbursement, managing patient accounts, and resolving billing issues. Our experience has also included developing and implementing financial policies and procedures, analyzing financial data to identify areas for improvement, and providing training and support to other healthcare professionals in revenue cycle management practices.

Overall, our extensive experience in revenue cycle management for home health care and hospice, combined with our knowledge of EMRs and healthcare regulations, makes us a valuable asset to any healthcare organization looking for a skilled and experienced revenue cycle management professional.

Having  worked in various roles in the healthcare industry, we have a diverse set of skills and expertise that allows us to provide valuable insights into different aspects of healthcare.